GTM and CLiQ SwissTech announce partnership for distribution of dispersants, defoamers and rheological additives in Mexico

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The company will be the exclusive distributor and agent of solutions for the Coatings, Construction, Plastics and Adhesives markets

GTM Holdings S.A, the largest independent chemical distributor in Latin America, and CLiQ SwissTech, recognized leader in the global additives market, announce exclusive partnership for distributing dispersants, defoamers and rheological additives under the brands CLIQPERSE®, CLIQSMART® and CLIQFLOW®. The products are produced in Germany and are competitively priced. 

“CLiQ SwissTech is a leading manufacturer of additives and, after we started the commercial partnership in Brazil in late 2019, we are pleased to announce the expansion of this agreement to the Mexican market”, says Tim Hoffmann, General Manager of GTM in Mexico. “This partnership is in line with our Specialty Chemicals growth and development strategy, expanding the portfolio of raw materials for the Coatings, Construction, Plastics and Adhesives segments”, he adds. 

“GTM Group, is the ideal partner due to its experience, structure and geographic coverage. It’s an opportunity to expand our operations in the Mexican market as well”, says Dietmar Sondermann, CEO of CLiQ SwissTech.

The portfolio of additives for different water based and solvent based applications is essential to meet the demands of the industry. 

GTM has a specialized sales team that is available to provide training to interested customers.

CLiQ SwissTech products are now available in the Mexican market.


Line Information: 

CLiQSPERSE®: pigment dispersant line. Allows reduction of milling viscosity, pigment dispersion effectiveness and final ink stability. 

CLIQSMART®: special defoamers additives. Solutions that cover all lines of coatings such as varnishes, pigmented systems, high gloss, matte, etc. 

CLIQFLOW®: additives for adjusting the viscosity behavior of paints with solutions for water based and solvent based systems.


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