GTM opens laboratory in Guatemala and reinforces its focus on Chemical Specialties and offering customized solutions to customers

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GTM Holdings, the largest independent chemical distributor in Latin America, opened a technical development laboratory for the paint market. The laboratory is in Guatemala and aims to support suppliers and customers with new technologies in applications.

The construction of the laboratory is in line with the company's global strategy of offering customized products and solutions to customers, as well as advancing the offer of chemical specialties.

Tests of resistance to abrasion, washability, fineness, shine, color and viscosity are examples of processes that can be performed in the new GTM laboratories. “With our equipment, we can quantify the properties of a coating and contribute to the definition, for example, which thickness to use without remove the raw material. We can also mix the components in the product formulation”, says Ana Santizo, responsible for laboratory in Guatemala. “Among the services we offer, I can highlight the test to suggest improvements in the formulations and processes, and/or products developments for customers and adhesion tests by cutting", says Ana.

Higher speed of approval of raw materials and the possibility of proposing improvements in the formulation of finished products, both in terms of performance and cost savings, are some of the benefits of the services we develop in the new facilities.

In addition, the company can also monitor more closely each stage of the development or improvement of its customers' products and processes. "This is a way to add even more value to the service we offer to our customers", comments Ana.

GTM has trained professionals to identify market opportunities and develop formulated products, working together with its customers and suppliers. “We work very focused on meeting the particularities and challenges of our customers in each of the countries in which we operate”, says Aldo Sáenz, Global Sales Director Specialties. “I am very happy to participate in a project like this, as it reinforces our mission to act as the link between customers and producers”, celebrates Ana Santizo.

“These openings show how the company is investing on high technology to offer customized solutions to our customers”, concludes Aldo.


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