New GTM Reporting Channel

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Transparency and Compliance are value of GTM and, to reinforce our commitment to building safe and transparent relationships with all our strategic audiences, we have implemented the GTM Reporting Channel, a safe and anonymous space for registering complaints related to the company.

The channel is managed by ICTS, an independent company specialized in this type of service. Denunciation, which at the discretion of the person who reports may be made anonymously or not, is guaranteed to be strictly confidential. Once registered, the report is evaluated by ICTS and subsequently forwarded to the GTM Ethics and Compliance Committee for the necessary treatment.

The information recorded is confidential and respects the anonymity of all audiences who wish to contribute in building a better company.

Complaints can be made through the website .

The GTM Group does not tolerate any deviation in ethics and conduct and believes that initiatives such as GTM Reporting Channel enhance transparency in relations with its audiences, in addition to reinforcing the importance of an ethical and transparent corporate environment.