Rodrigo Gutierrez, CEO of GTM, participates in APLA publication on Chemical Products Distribution

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In an interview for the publication “Latin America Petrochemicals and Chemicals 2020’” prepared by GBR (Global Business Report) in collaboration with APLA (Latin American Petrochemical and Chemical Association), Rodrigo Gutierrez, CEO of the GTM Group, commented on the current scenario of the company and the context of the chemical distribution sector in Latin America.

Rodrigo highlighted GTM's performance in the market and commented on the Group's acquisitions in recent years. “In the last few years, we increased our footprint dramatically; we now have a presence in 11 countries in both industrial and specialty chemicals. For years we have been merging companies of very different cultures in different places, defining common working standards, processes, and rules to comply with the most demanding regulations and safety procedures. We also expanded our portfolio in many segments”, says Rodrigo.

The executive also commented on the prospects for economic growth in the Latin American region. “With Covid-19, the Latin American scenario it has become extremely challenging.  But we believe that our way of operating, being agile, caring for our customers and keeping a constant dialogue with our principals, will allow us to grow significantly at the bottom line”, says Rodrigo.

To conclude, Rodrigo said that the consolidation in the Latin American chemical distribution business is a trend, but is a delicate process that must be considered due to the volatility of the market and the particularities of each region.

“As I always like to say, GTM is not a global company – GTM is a Latin American company. We are used to volatility and we enjoy the challenges of our region. Having said that, we believe that we are in a unique position to consolidate smaller competitors, especially in the Covid-19 scenario that has affected the cash flow of some of them”, concludes.

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