The summer and the use of sunscreens to protect the skin

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The month of December is marked by the beginning of summer and one of the characteristics is the high level of solar radiation, a factor that can put in risk skin health and increase the risk of skin cancer. According to a survey carried out by the “Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia” in 2020, skin cancer is the most recurrent type of disease in Brazil, with about 180,000 new cases per year. With early diagnosis, there is more than a 90% chance of cure.

With this population awareness, the demand for products with skincare appeal has grown exponentially, especially for products with sun protection.


The increase in the consumption of photoprotective products

According to Mintel, it is possible to observe that many consumers understand the importance of the sun for the body, especially for vitamin D replacement, in addition to promoting physical and mental well-being. However, they also recognize their dangers to the skin, so they look for products that solve these issues.

We can see this movement demonstrated in another Mintel survey, which points out what are the top global launches seen in the last 12 months to May 2021.

The data point to the growth of protectors with SPF 39+ that have characteristics such as water and sweat resistance, multiple protection against pollution, blue light, and even viruses and bacteria, as well as protection against ultraviolet rays. Other relevant points in the choice of products are those aimed at well-being, adding perfumes, textures, and playful elements that help to relax.

Mineral sunscreens more sustainable are also gaining prominence and continue to expand. This category should gain more potential as more market participants enter the segment. In Brazil, 38% of consumers are interested in sun protection products that don’t have a negative impact on the environment (Mintel).


Understanding the differences between the solar rays

There are 3 types of solar rays, see below what they are and their main characteristics:

  • UVA:

UVA rays represent 95% of the solar radiation emitted by the sun and are the most worrying for human health, as they arrive regardless of the weather, be it cold, rain, snow, sun, or drizzle. These rays penetrate deeper into our skin and are responsible for premature aging, skin blemishes, allergies, and diseases like skin cancer.

Positive: Tanning

Negative: Spots / Wrinkles / Immediate Tanning / Cancer Risk

  • UVB:

UVB rays penetrate the skin more superficially, representing only 5% of solar radiation. These rays cause redness and sunburn typical of hot seasons and promote the risk of cancer. As a positive point, UVB rays can activate the synthesis of vitamin D in our bodies through sun exposure.


Types of Sunscreens

Now that you know the differences between the types of solar rays, it’s important to understand that there are also different sunscreens. They are substances that provide protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun, see below their main characteristics:

  • Organic/Chemical Filters: Its function is to absorb UVA and UVB radiation (High Energy 290 to 400 nm) and convert it to low energy radiation.
  • Inorganic/Physical Filters: They have the function of reflecting and/or scattering radiation.

In addition to using sunscreen, it is important to maintain some skincare to ensure greater protection. Check out some tips:

  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses;
  • Always consult a professional, he will be able to collaborate to find the best type of product for your skin;
  • Avoid sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm;
  • Stay hydrated;
  • Have a healthy diet;
  • Use sunscreen regularly;
  • Wear a hat/cap when exposed to sunlight;
  • Ensure protection after sun exposure, such as the use of self-tanning and after-sun products;
  • Also use sunscreen on cloudy days and indoors.
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Article written by Luíza Torquato and Agda Martins, both from GTM's Technical Marketing in Brazil.



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