What are the challenges in Agrochemical Formulation and how to overcome them?

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First, you need to understand what agrochemicals are. By definition, are concentrates of chemical products, called “defenders”, used by agricultural producers with the objective of repelling, preventing, destroying, and combating any pest that affects the health and productivity of crops such as weeds, insects, diseases, among others.

In modern agriculture, large amounts of agrochemicals are used. Worldwide, approximately 2.7 billion kilograms of pesticides are used each year at a total cost of USD$20 billion. According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) data, the US represents approximately one-third of all agrochemical use.

In this scenario of growing demand in the sector and as the pleats adapt to the molecules of chemical products, the constant search for innovations in their formulations is evident.


Innovation trend in the Agrochemical sector

Investment in new technologies and solutions has been essential in increasing agricultural production to meet food requirements worldwide.

Agrochemical formulators must focus on three essential pillars of innovation that will define the success of the product they offer on the market:

  1. Active Ingredients: the active formulation principle defines the product category and confirms the expected effect as herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, among others.
  2. Diluents and conditioners: diversity of adjuvants to optimize the effect of defender agriculture.
  3. Formulation technologies: machine and team allow production efficiency.

With the innovation trend, agrochemical formulators will face several challenges to keep themselves in constant investigation, improvement, and incorporation of new technologies, considering important factories how:

  • Environmental regulations requiring eco-friendly products;
  • Offer products that allow effective control of pests and diseases, which are increasingly harmful to crops;
  • The search for formulations allows concentrating greater proportions of Active Ingredients;
  • Stricter regulatory requirements for formulation additives;
  • Formulate products that are safer and less harmful to users;
  • Meet the high demand for healthy food.

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Article written by Gabriela Valenzuela Fajardo, GTM Commercial Leader in Guatemala. To contact the professional, use the email:  gvalenzuela@gtmchemicals.com