Why hire a logistics operator?

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Before a product is completed and then marketed, a series of actions are needed during its production process. Purchase and handling of essential raw materials for formulation, chemical analysis and storage are some of these steps.

In many situations, companies, whether micro, small, medium or large, outsource some activities due to space, time limitations, reduced manpower, minimizing labor and occupational risks, technical knowledge, or location. And, it is in this moment that a logistics operator can offer a series of facilities to these companies and provide the most important thing: that these companies direct their efforts towards their core business activities.

One of the main advantages of contracting services from logistics operators is that the company gains efficiency by outsourcing services to specialized companies that provide “economies of scale”, that is, the possibility of reducing the average cost of a given product by diluting fixed costs in due to an increase in volume. In addition, we can also consider benefits such as greater monitoring of the performance of the contracted service, reduction of investments in physical structure, as well as integration, optimization and reduction in process time.

GTM Group works knowing your customers’ needs and providing personalized services to them.

The company acts as a logistics operator offering services such as:

  • Storage of chemicals products (packaged, in bulk, etc)
  • Supply logistics involving the processes of withdrawal and transportation to customers' facilities
  • Distribution of raw materials
  • Development of Formulated Products
  • Formulation for third parties
  • Packaging: automated packaging filling operation, with flexibility for volumes of ½, 1, 5, 20, 50, 200 and 1000 liters
  • Bulk breaking: bulk breaking of liquids, semi-solids and solids for chemical products
  • Management of samples services
  • Chemicals Analysis: laboratory structure dedicated to chemical analysis

In House – outsourcing of labor for industrial processes within the client's facilities “GTM goes beyond the work of distribution chemical products, offering a portfolio of services, which adds value to our clients businesses, provides focus on the core activity, optimizes hiring processes, performance monitoring, in addition to reducing the need to hire more than one service provider or have it in its internal structure ”, comments Fabio Diniz, Manager of the Business Unit Services of GTM.