GTM’s Integrated Management System (IMS) meets the highest industry standards for quality control, operational safety, employee health and protection of the environment and communities where our facilities are located.

Our certifications include: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PRODIR.

ESH Policy

We recognizes that prevention is a key element for our activities and processes, guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees, the preservation of the environment, the quality of our products and services, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

For this, the topics related to the ESHQ System are addressed with the same level of commitment as other business strategies, establishing objectives, evaluating performance through indicators, and promoting the dissemination of this Policy to all stakeholders.


Provide quality products, services and solutions, while staying focused on customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and those of stakeholders.


Continually improve the performance of its ESHQ System.


Create a safe workplace free of occupational injuries and disease to ensure the overall well-being of all employees by reducing risks.


Prevent damages to the community and to the environment by adopting clean, responsible and safe operations, while preventing contamination and managing the environmental aspects and impacts associated with its activities, products and services.


Support clients and other stakeholders in the safe handling of products by providing information on safety, innovative solutions and supervision to ensure safer usage, products and processes.


Operate in accordance with the standards of the ESHQ System, with applicable regulations and any other requirements determined by the Group in terms of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.


Investigate and determine the causes of occupational incidents and disease and take actions effectively and promptly.


Involve employees and their representatives, ensuring that they are trained, educating them on the safe, clean and productive performance of their functions, promoting ESHQ culture and adopting as principles respect for labor laws, continuous education and social responsibility.


Maintain a high level of preparedness to respond to any emergency or contingency.


Select, inform and control suppliers and contractors, ensuring they comply with all applicable requirements of the ESHQ System.